Our Guarantee To You

Your 12-Month Luxury Home Guarantee

At Exclusive Residence, we understand that your needs as a family aren’t less because you are choosing to build a luxury home. Delivering a home ‘quickly’ is often the sticking point but one where we go further. From earthworks to completion, we commit to a 12-month timeframe — this is unprecedented in the Perth two storey luxury home market.

We’re able to make this commitment to you, without compromising quality, because this is where we specialise. We have the understanding, experience, expertise and processes to deliver your brand new luxury home completed on time and on budget, within 12 months. Guaranteed to make everyone happy.

Overview of a custom home with a 12-Month home guarantee.
Entrance or front view of a luxury home with a 12-Month home guarantee.

Generational Quality

We deliver a superior turnkey luxury home that your family will appreciate for generations. Our homes are places where your family will live, your children will grow, your friends will enjoy, and your colleagues and neighbours will admire.

Your Exclusive Residence home is a testament to what you have achieved.

Choose Us, Choose Commitment

Countless customisation options, a 12-month turnaround, and an unbreakable commitment to true luxury and premium service makes Exclusive Residence your best choice of custom home builders in Perth.

We’re completely committed to you. Contact us today to find out how we can turn your dream into a reality.

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