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From Our Director

John Douglas

Ultimately, we want you to walk into your custom-built home and feel like your dream home has come to life more beautifully than you could have imagined.

That’s why communication and collaboration is a vital part of what Exclusive Residence stands for.  

Creating a home that not only expresses who lives there, but also functions perfectly for their lifestyle, is an art form that adds to the beauty and quality of life.

So, whilst the reality of what we do is making sure every tiny detail is perfect, the real reward is knowing we are designing and building something that will continue to bring joy to families every day as they go about their lives.

We invite you to sit down and share your ideas with us, so that together we can turn your dream home into a reality.

That’s how legacies are built.

John Douglas the director of Exclusive Residence.
Luxury custom designed bedroom.

We're Here For You

We understand the Perth Suburbs, emerging trends and appreciate the beauty of WA. We are proud to deliver luxury, custom designed homes, to suit your individual family and lifestyle needs, our portfolio and client’s testimonials speaks for itself. Come, and experience this journey, and have your dream home turned into a reality with Exclusive Residence.

Exclusive Is Different

What separates Exclusive Residence from other custom builders in Perth? Three main things — virtual reality, start-to-finish experiences, and a guaranteed 12-month build.

12-Month Guarantee

A brand new home, with all the trimmings you've dreamt of, in 12 months or less — a true rarity with custom and luxury home builders in Perth.

Seamless Start To Finish Process

Enjoy maximum confidence and peace of mind as we deliver unrivalled transparency through every part of the building process.

Virtual Reality

Much more than the standard VR experience, you can virtually walk through your home before the foundation has even been laid.

Your Dedicated Team

Amazing homes don’t just happen. Our ‘magic formula’ for incredible spaces isn’t magic at all — it’s our incredible team of dedicated Architects, Designers, and Interior Designers.

Your luxury custom-designed home of architectural merit is meticulously crafted by a team fully focused on you. Together, you’ll feel inspired, get creative, and demonstrate true innovation in your home, which will quickly become a fusion of art, architecture, and practical function.

You're In Control

From our very first conversation, Exclusive Residence firmly places the controls within the your hands. Whilst we will offer expert advice and make recommendations so you can make informed decisions, you’ll always have the final say. If you can envision it, and it lies within the possibilities of your land, we can make it happen.