Virtual Reality

Walk Through Your New Luxury Home...

… before the foundation has even been laid. 

A Sensory Viewing Experience

We understand that as a client, it can be difficult to read plans, let alone interpret and visualise them in three dimensions. Our technology allows you to see every detail as if you were really standing in your home. Additionally, time and money can be saved by accommodating design variations early in the process.

Our cutting-edge VR technology takes your luxury home design experience from great to exceptional.

Family using a virtual reality technology as walk-through of luxury houses.

Gain A New Perspective

Step into your designed luxury home virtually and change floor tiles, see colours, get an understanding of depth and space, paint it, and furnish your home at the click of a button. This enables you to make informed decisions on design and ambiance by seeing the quality, cost, finishes, colours, and materials.

While traditional design methods lack depth and realism, virtual reality allows you to work alongside our Designer to create inspirational living.

Experience The Difference

  • Get a clear answer to your most instinctive question: how will my home look?
  • Explore what our Builder, Interior Designer and Architect visualise, and make sure it’s aligned with your vision. 
  • Visualise unlimited alternatives for colours, materials, and furniture.
  • Be inspired and get creative with new ideas — the possibilities are endless. 
  • See the projected budget and completion time. 

Exclusive Residence Remains Ahead of the Industry With State-Of-The-Art Virtual Reality Technology.

Much more than the standard VR experience, you can virtually walk through your new luxury home from the floorplan.

When you build with us, you receive an accurate sense of scale, depth, and spatial understanding of your future home.

City Beach

November Update

  •  We have completed the Ground Floor slab pour, plumbing drains & brick load
  • Ground Floor brickwork is progressing
  • Prior to Christmas we have scheduled the First Floor slab to be formed up, reo install, electrical & plumbing prelays & the suspended slab pour for curing over the Christmas break

Banool Crescent City Beach

November Update

  • First Floor cladding, texture & glazing has been completed 
  • First Floor cabinets install & tiling has started
  • The basketball court has been fully scaffolded & wiring, aircon & plumbing has been completed & we are starting the ceiling framing next week