Hawkins Street Mount Pleasant Monthly Updates

This luxury new home build located in the beautiful riverside location of Mt Pleasant, in what is considered one of Perth’ most desirable suburbs.

Progress is only just beginning to take shape on this luxury build, and over the following months we’ll give updates so that you can follow the journey with us. You’ll see first hand how the the entire process is managed, resulting in a home that will exceed our client’s expectations.

Demolition of an existing structure

The existing home was successfully and carefully demolished, with the site being cleared to a clean slate. This was done in such a way to respect neighbouring properties in this residential area.

The large pool has been excavated, shell created, backfilled, and the concrete pour has now been completed. We’re really excited for when the water finally begins to flow to this masterpiece.  

Earthworks for the house pad have commenced and are now well underway, and next month we’ll be able to share with you progress as this luxury home enters the construction phase.


February has been a productive month ! We have completed the Ground floor slabs, installed the stormwater tanks and drainage , cleaned the excess sand, and loaded the bricks and hardware. The boundary walls have been built to provide privacy for our neighbours and we are on track to complete the Ground Floor homes brickwork in a few days.


Wow, March has been a ripper for progress! We have built the Ground Floor brickwork, rear pool cabana and gym which our clients are very excited about, now they can walk through their new home and feel the space and size of each room.

The First Floor slab has been poured and the formwork stripped, now we can see the amazing river views the home was designed to capture. The boundary walls have been rendered and backfilled to provide privacy for our neighbours and we look forward to another productive month ahead.


April has been a great month to cure the First-floor slab as the weather cools down, we loaded bricks on the slab and completed the brickwork and all structural steel. Now we can see the front elevation taking shape.

The roof timber has arrived on site as will our carpenters in the next few days,  and we are looking to complete the roof frame and cover the First floor roof before the winter rains begin.

Why not call us and arrange a time to come with us to the site and we can show you the Exclusive way we build and why we are very different from the other custom builders in Perth.


May has seen much progress for this Hawkins Street marvel which has many bespoke features and is set to be luxuriously detailed.

The timber roof frame was completed in May and the first floor roof was covered with colourbond. All electrical, plumbing and air conditioning tubes were completed. The solar panels and tv aerial were also installed on the roof. The scaffolding has been lowered in order to proceed with the next stages and all external and internal walls were plastered and sealed. The stunning feature Cedar cladding on the first floor elevation have also been installed and sealed.

If you have a block of land or want to demolish your home and start designing the home of your dreams, call us now and arrange a time to come with us to site. We will show you the Exclusive way we build and why we are very different from the other Custom builders in Perth. 


June has seen much progress on this custom home in Mount Pleasant with the following aspects of this bespoke home being completed this month.

The first floor rooms have been set plastered and the cedar cladding has been installed and flashed, these rooms boast magnificent views over the river, a truly modern home and sight to behold. Now that the first floor has been built, the scaffolding has been dropped and we are starting with the ground floor detail. The front elevation is now showing it’s spectacular modern contemporary design.

Don’t forget to follow us monthly for more updates and inspiration on how you too can build your very own bespoke home.


July has been a busy month, taking us one step closer to completing this uniquely bespoke home. This is what we have been working on, even in the rain.

The gym and cabana to the rear of the home has been rendered, plastered and glazed. The alfresco and the rear of he home is really starting to take shape now taking us nearer to completion. We have made great progress, even in the wet weather, and as a result the front elevation is now rendered and evolving into the modern contemporary home it was designed to be. On the ground floor, all walls have been rendered and set plastered, the ceiling framing is underway and will be sheeted when the air conditioning ducting has been completed. The steel powder coated staircase has been installed for access to the first floor. 

Make sure to check in next month to see how much closer we are to completing yet another uniquely inspiring home. 


This month we have installed the ground floor ceilings, finally protected from the elements.

Outside, the front elevation is now drying out and is revealing a glimpse of what this designer home will look like, we can’t wait to add some colour and timber to complete the unique feel of this home. Inside the home, the striking black kitchen cabinetry has been installed and the ceilings have been painted. The stair spine has been installed awaiting it’s timber treads. In the basement gym, concrete honing has progressed well and is nearing completion.

If you have a block of land or want to demolish your existing home and start afresh, designing the home of your dreams, contact Exclusive Residence and arrange a time to join us on site and see how we deliver. We will show you the Exclusive way we build and why we are different from other custom builders in Perth.


This Mount Pleasant property has started seeing the fantastic finishing touches including all cabinets and stone tops in the eye-catching kitchen. Internally, the ceilings have been installed and painted, the tiling will also commence shortly giving the rooms the structure to and base to become showstoppers.

The pool has come along and is now ready for the poured aggregate surround and paths, just in time for the warmer months.

In preparation for the front and centre garage door, the floor has been poured and the walls textured.


The luxurious touches that we are famous for have begun at Hawkins Street. Feast your eyes on the world-class porcelain tiling that started at the beginning of October, it takes the property to the next level. The topping and waterproofing have been completed with astounding efficiency. Outside the property the areas surrounding have been prepared for their final pour in early November.

November – December

An enormous amount of effort has been injected into this proper over the last month. All tiling has been completed, internal and external. Fittings and final touches in plumbing, election and air conditioning are now complete.

The opulent white textured are complete. The home should be complete in early January 2022!

January – February

January and Feb have been very productive months and we have completed the painting , cleaning carpet and window treatment installation and all internal balustrade the home looks amazing .

Externally the well-designed landscaping with beautiful kentia and triangle palms , succulents and soft lawns have been completed and add a real touch of class to this riverside home that our Clients will soon be moving into . 

If you have a block of land or want to demolish you existing home and start designing the home of your dreams , call us now and arrange a time to come with us and see what we deliver on site . We will show you the Exclusive way we build and why we are very different from the other Custom builders in Perth.

Ten luxury homes a year 

This project is just one of ten that Exclusive Residence build each year. It allows for our Managing Director, John Douglas, to give each client the hands on support and experience that our clients deserve and expect.

If you’re thinking of building a luxury home in Perth, then we invite you to speak to John and arrange for an on-site visit so that you can see the quality and craftsmanship for yourself. 




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City Beach

February Update

  • First Floor Slab is loaded with bricks and structural steel has been installed
  • First Floor scaffold has been lifted, TBars have been installed & brickwork is now 95% complete

Banool Crescent City Beach

February Update

  • Front Elevation is looking great now the scaffold has been removed
  • The office & ensuite cabinets & stone has been installed
  • The Basketball Court concrete floor has now been poured