How to make your luxury home water-efficient

Australia is a land of ironies, and one the biggest ones is that we live on the driest populated continent on the planet, yet consume more water per person than anyone else in the world. According to the Department of Industry and Science, we use, on average 100,000 litres of fresh water per person, per year.

Designing your own custom home is a chance to encapsulate your life with the kind of values you hold dear – and if water conservation is one of them, the opportunities are rife. Here are some ways you can reduce the use of water in your new luxury home in Perth, without sacrificing the luxury part.

1. Your fittings could be fitter

When choosing bathroom fittings or kitchen taps, have a look for the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standard (WELS) sticker. The WELS scheme began in 2005 and aims to save more than 800,000 megalitres of water – that’s enough to fill the Sydney Harbour, and then some. In that time frame, the scheme hopes to reduce residential consumption by 100,000 megalitres per year – and you can play your part.

According to WELS, over a third of the water that will be saved in that time will come from more efficient showers, 34 per cent from washing machines and 23 per cent from toilets. Aside from having a significant impact on your water bill in the long run, the benefit to the environment and your conscience is clear.

2. Take it outside

Did you know, according to YourHome, around 40 per cent of household water use is typically outdoors? Reducing water use outside can be done from the outset, with a more efficient design for your home.

YourHome, a government initiative, suggests several ways in which you can reduce water waste outside. Aside from the obvious use of rain water through collection tanks, and reusing grey water, there are several practical steps you can take.

Minimising the amount of paving in your garden will sharply reduce the amount of heat radiation (causing evaporation) and water run-off in your garden. When you plant your garden, you can also try and group plants with similar water needs together to lessen waste. Ideally, you could use local plants that are suited to living in drier climates with little water.

Other ways to improve your use of water in the garden include improving your soil and drainage, and reducing the amount of lawn area you have. Incorporating these steps into your home design will allow you to create a luxury home, without the guilt of wasted water.



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