Maintaining water features for luxury homes

There’s something about a water feature that makes a luxury home feel complete. Whether it’s a fountain, stream or even a swimming pool, the sound and feel of water can be soothing after a long day at the office. However, as winter makes its presence felt, we enjoy these items less, especially outdoor water features. This doesn’t mean they should be neglected though, as the colder months are a prime opportunity to make sure your home is ready for entertaining and relaxation when spring and summer roll back around.

Swimming pools

If your pool had some heavy use over summer, it could be in need of some ‘shock dosing’. A large amount of chlorine or other chemicals (depending on your type of system) can be used to get a pool back into a hygienic state after a summer’s worth of swimming. Winter is an especially great time to do this, as you probably won’t be taking a dip any time soon. This means the high level of chemicals won’t irritate your skin or eyes.

A pool cover is also a great idea for winter, as it helps keep dirt and leaves out of the water. If you’ve opted for a heated pool, not only could you be using it all year round, but a cover can help you keep costs down by maintaining temperature when not in use.

Outdoor water features

Outdoor fountains or other features that involve moving water usually rely on one thing – the pump. While you already know to clean away leaves and debris, and perform any chemical or biological treatments necessary, getting the pump serviced is essential. If you’re the handy type and have the product manual that came with your fountain, you may be able to do any simple maintenance and cleaning of filters, etc. If not, getting your water feature checked now will mean you can enjoy it all year round, without worrying about it having any issues.

Indoor water features

The best part about having a custom home design is that you can really do whatever you want to make it your own. For some, this will include an indoor wall water feature. Backlit water cascading over metal or stone can create an interesting visual and auditory addition to your home’s decor.

According to US-based company Water Features Inc., when cleaning an indoor feature like these, there are a few essential tips. Always use distilled water to discourage mineral deposits, clean the water surface and tray every 3-4 months and avoid using abrasive cleaners so you don’t scratch the metal surfaces.



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City Beach

February Update

  • First Floor Slab is loaded with bricks and structural steel has been installed
  • First Floor scaffold has been lifted, TBars have been installed & brickwork is now 95% complete

Banool Crescent City Beach

February Update

  • Front Elevation is looking great now the scaffold has been removed
  • The office & ensuite cabinets & stone has been installed
  • The Basketball Court concrete floor has now been poured