Understanding Energy Efficiency

Building Code of Australia’s (BCA)

All new homes built in Perth are required to meet the Building Code of Australia’s (BCA) energy efficiency requirements. This is part of a comprehensive strategy being undertaken by the Australian, State and Territory Governments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The desired outcome of building an energy-efficient home is to use less energy while still providing the same service (Eg. Replacing an incandescent light bulb with a compact fluorescent). This is rather than opting for energy conservation, which relates more to reducing or going without a service to conserve energy (Eg. Turning off the light).

Some of the More Common Options that Builders Will Consider When Improving Energy Efficiency are:

1. Increasing Thermal Performance:

    • For the benefit of keeping the house warm in Winter and cool in Summer, without requiring air conditioning. This will include insulation to the external walls as well as the roof, energy-efficient glazing, orientation of window and door openings for the purpose of ventilation and air movement, seal and draught-proofing.

2. Use Energy-Efficient Appliances:

    • e.g. water heaters, ceiling fans.

3. Use Renewable Energy Sources:

    • e.g. solar panels.

4. Insulation for services:

    • Such as ductwork and piping.

The main pathway used by builders to prove that the building project reaches energy efficiency requirements is a 6 Star Energy Efficiency Rating. This assessment is provided by a suitably qualified certifier. If the proposed residence does not reach the 6 Star requirements, the certifier can provide advice on what amendments could be made, which the builder will then present to the client. 

Another key finding is that half of those indicating they were ready to buy a home in Perth were contemplating building their own house or buying a newly built dwelling. For Melbourne, the percentage was only 43, while Sydney was lower at 38 per cent.

While one study does not a recovery make, new research from Westpac and the Melbourne Institute seems to corroborate these findings, with a jump in consumer sentiment in May of 6.4 per cent. This included a 5 per cent rise in those who felt it was a good time to purchase a home, and a 4.8 per cent increase in confidence amongst mortgage holders.

There were other areas of improvement as well, including family finance and expectations around employment. If the latest surge of confidence has inspired some thinking about building your own luxury home in Perth, make sure to get in touch with Exclusive Residence today.



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City Beach

February Update

  • First Floor Slab is loaded with bricks and structural steel has been installed
  • First Floor scaffold has been lifted, TBars have been installed & brickwork is now 95% complete

Banool Crescent City Beach

February Update

  • Front Elevation is looking great now the scaffold has been removed
  • The office & ensuite cabinets & stone has been installed
  • The Basketball Court concrete floor has now been poured