WA is the second-most desired location for investors

For investors, finding the right custom home builders to create a beautiful home that’s likely to retain its value is the easy part. The real challenge lies in deciding on a location that shows signs of future growth, yet is still affordable enough to penetrate.

Of course, finding the holy grail of investment markets is a challenge, especially given Australia’s moody economy of late, and accurately predicting the next property hotspot is no easy feat. Nevertheless, keeping an eye on developments in the housing market can often give you a pretty good idea of what the future might have in store for the various regions across Australia.

51 per cent of investors plan on purchasing property in the next 12 months.

Recent research from investment advisory firm MRD found that more than half (51 per cent) of investors plan on purchasing in the next 12 months. Narrowing the results down to a regional level also revealed that Western Australia ranked favourably among prospective investors.

In fact, it was the second-highest choice of location for those seeking to expand their property portfolios, with 13.6 per cent of the study’s respondents declaring that WA would be the home of their next investment property. This put WA ahead of other states such as Victoria (12.56 per cent) and New South Wales (12.04 per cent).

Given Australians’ fondness for backyards and alfresco custom home designs, it perhaps comes as little surprise that the majority of investors (62.8 per cent) are leaning towards buying houses and land in favour of townhouses and apartments.

Despite the growing trend of international developers snapping up properties across Australia, the research revealed that the majority of people looking to buy in WA were in fact locals from the state. Of course, this shows that the people of WA recognise a good deal when they see one, but it also suggests that there’s a quiet confidence among locals that the state will bounce back out of its current stage of slow growth.

Although the number of investors interested in purchasing property in WA was outnumbered four to one by those looking to buy in Queensland, the survey results prove there’s still a lot to be optimistic about in Perth. To find out how you can make the most of this opportunity, be sure to get in touch with Exclusive Residence, one of the leading custom home builders in Perth.



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City Beach

February Update

  • First Floor Slab is loaded with bricks and structural steel has been installed
  • First Floor scaffold has been lifted, TBars have been installed & brickwork is now 95% complete

Banool Crescent City Beach

February Update

  • Front Elevation is looking great now the scaffold has been removed
  • The office & ensuite cabinets & stone has been installed
  • The Basketball Court concrete floor has now been poured