What Do You Look For In A Builder?

Choosing the right builder for your custom-built luxury home in Perth isn’t just important, it’s essential. The building professional you choose to go with literally shapes the outcome of your dream home – and you need to be confident that they can do it. But with so many builders out there, how can you be sure you’re getting the best deal?

Proven Track Record

Dwelling approvals and construction are both at record highs – this means there are a lot of builders out there, and some will be better than others. When choosing to build your own luxury home, how can you be sure you are working with one of the best?

A proven track record is key to identifying how good a builder is. At Exclusive Residence, we are proud to show prospective clients our completed projects. Our company draws on a rich history of Master tradespeople in the Western Australian housing market, and we continue this proud tradition with premium building projects today.


Any builder can tell you what you want to hear – but how many will tell you what you need to hear? Being able to trust your building professional is essential because you will be relying on their skill to bring your custom home design to life. The last thing you want is to lose sleep over whether or not your builder is doing the right thing.

A paper entitled “Professional ethics in the construction industry”, published by the School of Construction Management and Property at Queensland University of Technology noted that while personal integrity is important for builders, one of the driving forces of fostering trust in the construction industry is a set of professional rules to adhere to. These are usually set out by a professional body that provides a code of conduct and ethical guidance for its members.

Master Builders Australia and the Housing Industry Association are two such organisations – and Exclusive Residence is a proud member of both.

All-Encompassing Approach

A track record and honesty are only two parts of the puzzle. When choosing a custom home builder in Perth,  you need to be confident in every aspect of who they are and what they do.

At Exclusive Residence, we present this in one neat package, and we call it the S2F – Start to finish – process. It’s completely transparent and gives you the most choice possible while taking away the stress and menial tasks.

We follow this up with constant and consistent communication so that you are always aware of what’s happening with your property, without ever having to ask.



Experienced, Professional, Transparent

As a highly awarded and recognised luxury home builder in Perth, we are here to work with people who are at a certain stage in their lives, either financially, or in terms of the lifestyle they want to live.

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City Beach

February Update

  • First Floor Slab is loaded with bricks and structural steel has been installed
  • First Floor scaffold has been lifted, TBars have been installed & brickwork is now 95% complete

Banool Crescent City Beach

February Update

  • Front Elevation is looking great now the scaffold has been removed
  • The office & ensuite cabinets & stone has been installed
  • The Basketball Court concrete floor has now been poured