What’s in a storey?

Every storey of every home built by Exclusive Residence has its own story. There are specific considerations for every custom home we build, from the customer’s wishes through to the unique site specifications and environmental factors.

Building your dream home is about connecting your design ideals with reality, and choosing the right builder is how you express this. With invaluable skills, experience and trade connections, a premium builder will ensure your home uses the best materials and a strategic process that will save you time and money.

At Exclusive Residence we have pioneered the S2F – Start to finish – process, and believe it’s the best way for our customers to achieve what they want out of a luxury home design project.

Heritage in building

Our process doesn’t just make the best of modern materials and techniques – it also draws on years of experience in the Perth and Western Australian market. Exclusive Residence has been around for a decade, and draws on cumulative family knowledge and the experience of previous generations.

Master Builders by trade, but also by blood, we approach every luxury home design with our customer’s complete satisfaction in mind. For those looking at building a custom home, choosing Exclusive Residence gives them confidence, not only in the standard of product that they will receive, but also in the time-proven methods used on site.

A luxury home in Perth

Choosing to build a custom-designed home in Western Australia gives you access to the wealth of natural resources and innovative products our industry thrives on. Combining these fundamentals with the skill and expertise of award-winning designers and interior consultants means a beautiful home inside and out.

When considering your home, make sure not to think of any one aspect in isolation, as it will be a confluence of all these factors that will produce an outstanding masterpiece to call your own.


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Experienced, Professional, Transparent

As a highly awarded and recognised luxury home builder in Perth, we are here to work with people who are at a certain stage in their lives, either financially, or in terms of the lifestyle they want to live.

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Kinkuna Way City Beach

About the project

We are working on developing an amazing new home design to meet our Clients design brief and have submitted the completed design to shire for D.A approval. The old home ready to demolish.

While our team create the working & structural drawings , choose the selections and interior design colours and fixtures while we wait for D.A approval , we have demolished the home ready to start on site by Aug / Sept.

Banool Crescent City Beach

About the project

To support the deep excavation to the North , east and west boundaries we have chemically injected grout to shore up the sand and its holding up well as we start excavating.

We have commenced are progressing with major earthworks ,setting up compacted pad levels for our piling plant and machinery.