Branksome Gardens Monthly Updates

As you can see below, the demolition and building have progressed at a blistering pace for the construction of this new luxury home. Situated at 41 Branksome Gardens in City Beach, this is going to be a head-turner once completed.

The finished home will offer 560 sqm of purse luxury, set across 3 levels. Below ground sees a large garage, the ground level sports family and living spaces with two large bedrooms/bathroom, while the upper floor boasts the grand master suite with fully appointed dressing room.

Demolition and Site Works

Demolition went smoothly as we removed the old dwelling and prepared for the site works to commence.

At this point, the garage and undercroft brickwork has now been completed, as the home begins to rise from the ground and begins to take shape.


After a short break over the Christmas period, it will be full steam ahead upon our return in January with this City Beach project.

We formed up over the basement brickwork and have completed pouring the suspended slab , allowed it to cure and have installed the structural steel and loaded the bricks ready to commence the next level of brickwork .


Since February we have installed the supporting structural steel on the Ground Floor slab, loaded and built the brickwork on this level and are now in the process of forming and preparing to pour the First Floor slab. The home’s elevations are now beginning to take shape which is always an exciting time for our clients because they can begin to see what has been up until now been only a drawing, evolve into their dream home! We can’t wait to see the views from the First Floor!


This home is really starting to take shape now – seeing a design come to life is so rewarding! During April we have poured the First-floor slab and now the final floor of brickwork is well underway. The ocean views from the First floor are wonderful and these are a bonus to the lifestyle this Exclusive Residence home will provide for our Clients who can’t wait to see the progress shots we email them every week!


Lots of action going on down in Branksome Gardens, this unique home is well underway and we can’t wait to see the final product.

In May, the first floor brickwork was completed and the steel roof frame and all the structural steel was installed. The roof cover and the large box gutters are now measured and will be installed in the next few weeks.
Outside of the house, landscaping design critiquing is in full swing.

Check back next month for more exciting updates.


June has seen much progress on our Branksome Gardens build, we always get very excited when we start to see a property evolve into the bespoke design that we viewed on paper to begin with.

The first floor roof cover has now been completed and the fascia on all front facing elevations has been installed and will be textured soon. In terms of the Western elevation, this is beginning to take shape and evolve rapidly, we are looking forward to the scaffolding coming down soon.

Don’t forget to follow us monthly for more updates and inspiration on how you too can build your very own bespoke home.


July has been a busy month in Branksome Gardens and we are so close to seeing further scaffolding coming down, which is always cause for much excitement on site. This is what we have been working on in July.

The rear elevation is starting to take shape with the first floor glazing installed, we are now just waiting for a break in the weather to texture coat the walls. All external fascia around the colorbond roofing has been installed and textured. The western, super modern architectural facade, with it’s uniquely bespoke angled slab and roof lines, has started to evolve into shape and we are looking forward to the scaffolding coming down.

Internally throughout the first floor, we have rendered and set the walls, installed the aircon and all wiring. Ceilings have been installed and are now ready for painting. The views from the master bedroom, looking out towards the City Beach tennis club are just breathtaking, what a view this will be to wake up to every day. Also on the first floor, the sitting room views facing the Indian Ocean through the trees is just spectacular, luxury building at it’s best.


Finally, the rain has eased, and this City Beach home has dried enough so that we have been able to seal and texture the first floor walls and drop the scaffolding. The front elevation is now clear, and the sharp architectural, modern lines look stunning!

This month we have also had the first-floor ceilings flushed and ready to paint. The scissor staircase, a striking feature of this designer home, is looking sharp and sleek, a truly great addition and focal point. Check this page every month to keep following the progress of this unique home.

If you have a block of land or want to demolish your existing home and start afresh, designing the home of your dreams, contact Exclusive Residence and arrange a time to join us on site and see how we deliver . We will show you the Exclusive way we build and why we are different from other custom builders in Perth. 


Taking advantage of things getting warmer….. the ground floor roof frame and bone structure have been constructed with the spectacular ultra bond colour bond roof fitted.

This month we have had work on the ground floor taking place, the plumbing and electrical (including air con tube) have been finalised.  The fascia moulds around the rear of the property have been installed and textured. As well as the ground floor roof and tubes.

This Branksom Gardens property has a striking front elevation with its clean architectural modern lines. We are excited to see the progress to come! Up next will be the internal plaster, ceilings, and glazing.

Keep checking back so you can keep up to date with this unique property.


This amazing property is getting its bone structure taken care of with October seeing seen the ground floor take gigantic steps with the ceiling and internal walls being plastered. The Aluminium joinery and glazing have also been installed.

November – December

This 3-level home that boasts head turning stone tops and cabinets. The property boasts head turning porcelain tiles at full height to all wet areas and to the alfresco and balcony. The ceilings are now complete along with an impeccable paint job – leaving the property at lock up stage.

January – February

The home is now nearing practical completion and we are busy putting the finishing touches to this magnificent Coastal home.

Landscaping and all balustrade and fencing has been completed and the new monument garage door and internal metal frames look sharp.

Our painters will be completed next week and following the cleaning all carpets and flyscreens will be installed. Our Clients are dying to move in to their new home a stone’s throw from the water in City Beach

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City Beach

February Update

  • First Floor Slab is loaded with bricks and structural steel has been installed
  • First Floor scaffold has been lifted, TBars have been installed & brickwork is now 95% complete

Banool Crescent City Beach

February Update

  • Front Elevation is looking great now the scaffold has been removed
  • The office & ensuite cabinets & stone has been installed
  • The Basketball Court concrete floor has now been poured