Aruma Way City Beach Luxury Home Construction Monthly Updates

City Beach has long been one of Perth’s most desirable locations for those wanting spectacular ocean views, set amongst splendid looking and well designed luxury homes.

This new luxury home project is well into the construction phase now, and as you’ll see in the accompanying photographs just how far we have come in such a short time.

Demolition of existing structure

What was once a proud three level executive home from the 1970’s, has now had all traces removed to make way for a new home that will inspire for decades to come.


Working from a blank canvas, we were able to begin site works. We discovered rock when we began excavation which we removed and then began the process of shoring up the boundaries with chemical injection to enable the stabilisation of the Ground. The large 4 car basement garage, gym with bathroom, wine cellar and lift shaft have now been built and the Ground floor slab has been poured.

Ground floor construction

The expansive area with magnificent ocean views, now has 4 bedrooms all with their own bathroom, A library, dedicated office, laundry, and lots of storage has been built.

First floor

The challenging engineered structure with a suspended infinity edge pool connected to the large, suspended slab has had concrete poured and is now completed. We are waiting for the slab to cure and will begin installing all the structural steel and then commence the First-floor brickwork in early March. The homes western elevation is now beginning to materialise .


March has been a very productive month. The First Floor structural steel that supports the roof and walls from the high velocity coastal wind has been erected and all brickwork is now completed.The timber roof frame has been installed and the custom colourbond roof and gutters have been measured and will be fitted over the next few weeks. You can see the skeleton of the home’s structure clearly taking shape now and we look forward to performing our magic, installing the materials, textures and colours that will ultimately bring the home to life in the months ahead!   


April has been another very productive month on site. Our custom ultra-bond roof, gutters and solar panels have been installed on the first-floor roof frame and all wiring for power, lighting, security and the entertainment system has been completed. All the in wall plumbing and ceiling air conditioning prelays have been installed and we have plastered the First-floor walls and laid the external porcelain cladding to the planter box and pool feature walls which look sharp.

We will soon have the double-glazed commercial aluminium joinery installed and look forward to making the home watertight from the coming winter rain.

Over the coming months, we’ll be providing regular updates on the build so you can follow the journey from start to our scheduled completion in November 2021.


May has seen further finishing touches to Aruma Way be completed, leading us one step closer to “dream home”.

During May we have done the following: first floor internal walls have been set plastered internally, and the ceilings installed. All external first floor walls have been textured with acrylic Dulux texture paint and both first floor, internal and external slabs, have been waterproofed and topped, ready for tiling. The large cool room has been built and installed which is a stunning feature to any bespoke home, the ultimate add on in luxury building. The pool roof and eaves have been cladded and look amazing with ultrabond cladding, this pool shouts sophistication.

Finally, to protect Aruma Way from Perth’s windy months and sometimes harsh outside elements, the first floor aluminium, commercial double glazing has been installed by New Generation Glass.          

Over the coming months, we’ll be providing regular updates on the build so you can follow the journey from start to our scheduled completion in November 2021..


We have been steadily making progress throughout June and getting closer to our scheduled completion date in November 2021.

The following aspects of the build have started taking shape this month. The charcoal block boundary walls have been completed and the cavity has been filled. The fireplace wall has been completed and is now ready for cladding. The rear aggregate is beginning to take shape ready for the finer outside touches to be made. The Western elevation has been rendered and glazed and is starting to look like the luxury creation we designed.

Don’t forget to follow us monthly for more updates and inspiration on how you too can build your very own bespoke home.


July has been a busy month, taking us one step closer to completing this uniquely bespoke home. This is what we have been working on, even in the rain.

The ground floor walls have been set plastered and the ceilings are now complete and have been painted. Scaffolding has been lowered and the first floor pool has been waterproofed, mosaic tiling is well underway, albeit undercover with all the rain that we’ve been experiencing in Perth throughout July.  All bathrooms now have cabinets installed, floors have been topped and waterproofed ready to start tiling. The main floor areas have also been topped and waterproofed ready to start tiling throughout. In the laundry, cabinets have been installed and prepared for tiling to commence.

Over the coming four months, we’ll be providing regular updates on the build so you can follow the journey from start to our scheduled completion in November 2021.


A lot of progress has taken place over the past month and we now only have 10 weeks till completion!

This month we have completed the firepit brickwork, a warm and cosy addition to this uniquely boutique home.  Also outside, the mosaic pool tiling has been completed, the space accentuates the amazing views from the alfresco area. The tiling of the powder room on the first floor is now complete and looking great, ready for the final touches. Finally, the front scaffolding has been removed revealing the striking elevation of this stylish home bespoke designed to suit the needs of the owners and their family.

If you have a block of land or want to demolish your existing home and start afresh, designing the home of your dreams, contact Exclusive Residence and arrange a time to join us on site and see how we deliver. We will show you the Exclusive way we build and why we are different from other custom builders in Perth.


Getting closer to the finish line now and it’s really starting to sparkle. The entrance and firepit are now looking the part with the poured aggregate completed and giving the first impression the WOW factor, this property deserves.

Coming into the warmer months, we focused on the entertaining area that you can’t help but imagine the sun shining on. The eye-catching pool and valet have been finished. Inside, the ceiling cladding and cabinets have been completed.

This month we have had work on the plumbing and electrical (including air con) finalised.  

Keep checking back so you can keep up to date with this elegant property. We will be working on the landscaping, texture and external fittings to be staged for fabulous our opening night.


Exclusive Residence’s crown jewel is nearly complete and will be having a Grand Opening in early November.

We cannot thank our incredible contractors and suppliers enough for their work on this project. This home is a testament to what can be achieved in 12 months with the right partners in place. In its final month, The Sunset Odyssey has seen the completion of all finishing items, landscaping, carpets, curtains, and internal cleaning.

Upon its launch you will also be able to view the professional video and photos taken of the staggering property, we’d tell you more, but we think we’ll let the property speak for itself. 

Luxury home builders

If you are thinking about building your very own luxury home in Perth, then please take a look at some of our recently constructed homes. There will be a style to suit most tastes, and you can drive by these homes and see for yourself the quality and craftsmanship.

If you want to reach out and meet with our Managing Director or to arrange a site visit, then please call us or fill in a web enquiry form and we’ll get back to you.


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