Why Building An Energy Efficient Home Should Be A Priority

Energy efficient home

Energy-efficient households not only contribute to energy conservation but will also help you save money in the long run. Additionally, your home will be set up to be more comfortable and durable over time.

It’s about time you took advantage of technological advances, isn’t it? Firstly, proper planning will go a long way. This is true when you build or renovate a home and is based on a few key energy-saving fundamentals. Let’s take a look at what you can do to reap the rewards of building or renovating your way into a smart, energy efficient home.

Whether you’re planning on building a new house or looking at renovating your existing one, the following tips will help you have your very own smart, energy efficient home.

Location and Design

The location and design layout of your home are your primary considerations when looking to achieve the maximum amount of energy efficiency for your home. You’ll want to make sure the positioning of your house and construction materials can maximise your solar gains as often as possible and reduce your heat gains during summer. 

Go Solar

One of the major advantages of living in Australia is our year-round access to large amounts of sun. Thus, solar panels are one of the most popular energy saving technologies for homeowners here.  Solar panels do not require a lot of maintenance, so they’re largely a one-off investment towards you saving massive amounts on your energy bills in the long run.

Lighting –Fixtures and Windows

Energy consumption in your home is largely due to the type of lighting fixtures and bulbs installed. Fluorescent bulbs and LED lights generate more light and less heat, helping you save energy when in use.

Designing or renovating your home to have more natural light is also key to cutting out energy costs. A house well-lit from natural light will mean you won’t have to start turning on lights until later in the afternoon or evening and give you a great atmospheric lighting solution during the daytime too. 

Water Heating Systems

How much thought you put into energy saving techniques for your water heating system will also have a dramatic affect on your bottom dollar. Nowadays, there is quite a variety of ways your water heating system can be improved. Research has shown that water heater wraps or blankets for example, can reduce standby heat loss by up to 45%. Another option is the use of solar panel heaters – an eco-friendly option that will also help with your energy savings.

Devices with High Energy Saving Ratings

With today’s advancements in technology, there are now a plethora of smart devices on the market that can help save you energy in your home. From light bulbs to blinds, kitchen appliances and AC controllers; the more energy saving devices you hook up in your house the better your return on investment will be. Climate control devices with applications linked to a Google Home or Alexa controller will also make things way easier to manage.

Local and Ethically Sourced Materials

Eco-friendly doesn’t translate to expensive. With a little bit of out-of-the-box thinking and a good home designer, you can help save the planet and your energy costs at the same time.

Durable bamboo and cork flooring, low-flow plumbing fixtures, solar natural fibre wool carpeting, concrete flooring and walls, reclaimed wood, and metal roofing and sidings are just a few examples of how to eco-build your home and save on your energy bills.

Talk To The Experts

Whether you are looking into building a new home or the knockdown and rebuild process of an existing home, it pays dividends to seek out the best. Environmentally friendly and energy efficient housing is at the forefront of building today.

Exclusive Residence provide innovative, technologically advanced building methods for your bespoke and luxury home building plans, ready for you to create or transform your house exactly how you desire.



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City Beach

February Update

  • First Floor Slab is loaded with bricks and structural steel has been installed
  • First Floor scaffold has been lifted, TBars have been installed & brickwork is now 95% complete

Banool Crescent City Beach

February Update

  • Front Elevation is looking great now the scaffold has been removed
  • The office & ensuite cabinets & stone has been installed
  • The Basketball Court concrete floor has now been poured